A web browser-based search and visualization architecture for complex multilayer linguistic corpora with diverse types of annotation.

ANNIS is an open source project distributed under the Apache Public License, Version 2.0. The system requires a PostgreSQL installation to run, and the server version also requires a running web-server (e.g. Apache Tomcat or Jetty).

Current stable ANNIS distribution: Version 3.4.4

For installation instructions see the documentation (especially the ANNIS User Guide). There are two editions of ANNIS, one for the local use on a standard computer (ANNIS Kickstarter) and one which is only needed when running a web-server.
This version does not work with the latest PostgreSQL version 10. Either use an older PostgreSQL version like 9.6 or use the ANNIS Preview version below which does support PostgreSQL 10.

See the change log for detailled information on what was changed in this version.

Preview: Version 3.5.0-rc2

A preview version of ANNIS contains more recent features but is not as intensivly tested as the stable version. Thus preview versions are targeted at users who need the new features and are willing to test them and discover bugs in the software. Please always give us feedback about bugs in any current release by sending an e-mail to Preview versions will become the next stable release as soon as they are tested extensivly.

See the change log for detailled information on what was changed in this version.

Source code

Source code (including the latest experimental developments) is available together with our bugtracker/feature requests ('issues') at our GitHub project.

Older distributions

Older versions of ANNIS can be downloaded from


For corpora to be imported into the system, they must be converted into it's native relational database format using the Pepper converter.

Other Converters:
Further documentation on the PAULA XML format may be found here.