A web browser-based search and visualization architecture for complex multilayer linguistic corpora with diverse types of annotation.


ANNIS uses pluggable JAVA modules to visualize data. A configurable resolver module determines how each annotation layer is visualized, so that data from different annotation sets can be rendered with either different or the same visualizations (e.g. two separate syntax trees displayed one after the other for the same sentence).

To see some examples of data visualized in ANNIS, take a look at our gallery here. The table below provides a list of the currently available visualizers and summarizes some of their features:

visualizerdescriptionhit viewdoc viewRTLmulti-segparallelinteraction
kwicclassic key-word in context viewyesnoyesyesyes
tree1constituent syntax treeyesnoyesyesno
gridgrid for annotation spansyesnoyesyesno
grid_treegrid showing a hierarchy of layered spansyesnoyesyesno
discoursedocument view underscoring and co-highlighting linked datanoyesnonoyes
arch_dependency2linear dependencies with arches between wordsyesnonoyesno
html / htmldoccustom annotation-triggered HTML/CSSyesyesyesyesno
rst / rstdocrhetorical structure theory treeyesyesnonono
pdf / pdfdocaligned pdf page or documentyesyes -- -- --grid
audio / videoaligned A/V datayesyes -- -- --grid, kwic
hierarchical_dependency3graphviz-based hierarchical dependencies (vertical)yesnononono
ordered_dependency3graphviz-based linear-hierarchical dependencies (horizontal)yesnononono
graphgraphviz-based annotation graph (for debugging)yesnonoyesyes
  1. Coded by Torsten Marek, Institute of Computational Linguistics of the University of Zurich
  2. Code provided courtesy of Kim Gerdes, ILPGA, Paris. Requires SVG capable browser.
  3. Developed in conjunction with Dag Haug, PROIEL project, Oslo. Requires Graphviz.


Click on the images below to see some applications of the ANNIS visualizer modules

Syntax trees

Arch dependency visualizer
Arch dependency visualizer
Tree visualizer
Tree visualizer

Tree visualizer
Right-to-left tree
Hierarchical dependency visualizer
Hierarchical dependency
Ordered dependency visualizer
Ordered dependency

Token and span annotations

Standard grid
Standard grid

Hierarchical grid-tree
Right-to-left KWIC

Discourse annotation

Coreference annotation
Rhetorical Structure Theory

Parallel corpora

Parallel KWIC view
aligned discourse
Aligned discourse view

Aligned multimedia data

Aligned A/V data
PDF embedding

Custom HTML visualizations

These visualizations were created using configurable annotation-triggered HTML and linked CSS files. For more information on creating your own custom visualizations see the HTML visualization guide.

movie script
Movie script visualization
Coptic diplomatic manuscript

Information structure visualization

Aggregate visualizations

A new form of visualization showing quantitative frequency information using aggregation functionality in the ANNIS back-end.

Frequencies visualization